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The Outback Project

AKA the back of the out building, that no one could see.

To best view this before / after slider, maximize your browser window, then zoom in (Firefox on Mac: cmd +, Firefox PC: ctrl +). The images are 1600×1054.

Not too bad for a beginner. This was the first time I’ve hit nails, ever. I tried it once a long time ago and hit my finger instead. So, instead of pursuing a career in construction, I decided to stick to racing yachts.

Raspy Rain Gutter Regale

This post is a response to the endless food postings on (fill in your favorite social media outlet).

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Here we feature our artisanal, seared Ponderosa Pine Bark, served with baby green Crab Apple on a luscious bed of lightly fried Rain Gutter Sludge. Accoutrements include our aged Ash Leaf and crisp red Walnut Leaf (seasonal). Our famous side dish of steamed acorns under toothpick hawthorns provide palate cleansing delight that makes way for the richest, deepest, leggy Paisano (vintage Thursday!) found anywhere. $185 per person. (Served outdoors. Placemats vary with availability).